“We periodically invest to ensure we stay up to date with technology. This allows us to stay competitive as we reduce cycle times producing components faster and more accurately”

Mark, SRD

CNC Turning

High quality components are produced using a range of Doosan lathes from a 2 axis machine through to a Twin spindle Y axis. Bar feeds allow us to take on the large batch sizes.

Please see our capacity list in the ‘About Us’ section.

Sliding Head Turning

In 2009 SRD invested in a Citizen sliding head lathe which enabled us to produce high volume orders for parts under 20mm Dia. This machine can manufacture simple and complex parts in medium to large batch sizes.

CNC Milling

High speed quality machining using the latest in CAD software and new cutter technology ensures we can reduce lead times which suits our customers.

We can quote from a simple bracket through to and complicated engine component.

Batch Work

Our powerful production software, Tricorn, can handle batch ordering which allows us to offer scheduled orders on a call off basis.

We have secure stock areas allocating racking to individual customers. Our customers can concentrate on other duties knowing that the parts placed with SRD will come in ‘Just In time’.

Quality Assurance

We have invested heavily into our inspection department meaning our customers receive a much tighter level of quality. On request provide full documentation from ISIR’s, PPAP, First article, and if needed can supply full batch traceability from our material and procurement systems.

Additional Services

SRD has excellent relationships with subcontract companies ranging from Grinding, Anodising & other surface finishing, Heat treatment and Thread rolling. We can quote for the initial machining through to the completed part.