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CNC Milling

Milled components are produced on machines ranging from 3 axis VMC’s through to high speed, high accuracy 5 axis. SRD has invested in new machines on the market, which include the awesome DMG DMU 50’s and the powerful DMG DMU 60 eVo.

Further complimenting our capacity, we can now offer batch work using our brand new 4th Axis Horizontal Matsuura pallet machine, the stunning H-plus 300 15 pallets. This is a great step forward for us, allowing us to quote for the 1 off prototypes, and mass production just-in-time supply.

Matsuura H. Plus 300 15 Pallet

Doosan DNM 500

Doosan DNM 400

Bridgeport VMC 1000

Bridgeport VMC 800 Series 22

Bridgeport VMC 600

Bridgeport VMC 500


Doosan DNM 4500

Doosan DVF 5000

DMG – DMU 50


DMG – DMU 50 Gen 3

CNC Milled Components

We manufacture CNC milled parts for a wide range of industry sectors requiring high precision, zero defect parts. Our highly skilled engineers have the experience to provide the complete manufacturing solution from design to delivery.

Component Gallery